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Updated: 9:48am March 6th, 2014
  • WSF Alberta
    Pat Long, President

    WSF ALBERTA Chapter Office
    Deena Arychuk, Chapter Staff
  • California Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation
    Paul Brisso, President

    CALIFORNIA WSF Chapter Office
    Beverly Valdez, Chapter Staff

  • Eastern Chapter WSF
    Jim Wilson, President

    EASTERN CHAPTER WSF Chapter Office
  • Idaho WSF
    Jason Pyron, President
    Teri Ottens, Chapter Staff
  • Iowa FNAWS
    Craig Nakamoto, President
  • WSF - Midwest Chapter

    Curt Babler, President


    WSF – MIDWEST CHAPTER – Chapter Office
    Patti Murry, Chapter Staff

  • Montana WSF
    Mike Menke, President  

    MONTANA WSF Chapter Office
    Jim Weatherly, Executive Director
  • Nevada Student Chapter of WSF
    Julianna Jefferson, Alex McBride & Christina Wilson-Louch
  • New Mexico WSF
    Lanny Rominger, President
  • Oregon FNAWS
    Larry Hunts, President
  • Utah FNAWS
    Ryan Foutz, President
  • Washington FNAWS
    Glen Landrus, President
  • Wyoming WSF
    Mike Porter, President

    Wyoming WSF Chapter Office
    Kevin Hurley, Executive Director