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Chadwick Ram Society
Updated: 12:19pm June 23rd, 2014

    WSF has launched a new legacy campaign, Ensuring the Future of Wild Sheep, that includes tax and estate planning, major gifts and giving societies to raise funds to ensure the future of the wild sheep resource by directing even more funds to wild sheep restoration, repatriation and conservation. Our dream is to build a series of funds that with a targeted annual off take of ~4% will allow WSF to direct 100% of our convention fundraising to mission programs. Our vision is not $4 million on the ground each year but $5 and $6 million annually in mission focused Grant-In-Aid and other funding to “put and keep sheep on the mountain™.” With your help we can achieve this vision and goal.

    The Marco Polo Society™ was established three years ago as WSF’s premier giving society. To date, 31 member couples have joined the Society, representing a third of our 100-member goal. Their gifts and pledges equate to $3.1 million toward our mission and frankly, Marco Polo Society™ member gifts enabled WSF to continue to fund our mission during the trying financial and economic times of recent years. To compliment the Marco Polo Society™ and to expand this giving concept to all WSF members and wild sheep advocates, WSF has created and is pleased to announce a new giving society – the Chadwick Ram Society™ with five Benefactor Levels enabling tax-deductible, donor directed gifts from $250 to $5,000 per year to mission areas of the donor’s desire. Donations can be made to WSF’s Endowment Fund, Conservation Fund and/or Operations to fund specific programs and initiatives. Chadwick Ram Society™ members will be recognized with a stunning embroidered badge displaying their Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Benefactor Level. Members may also “upgrade” their Benefactor levels within the Chadwick Ram Society™ as well as to the premier Marco Polo Society™. For more information or to join this new Society, download the Declaration of Intent form or contact Gray N. Thornton in Cody.

    We invite you to join us and help Ensure the Future of Wild Sheep!

  • Chadwick Ram Society Members (to date)

    Platinum - $50,000
    1.   Kyle & Joanne Meintzer (NV)
    2.   Bob & Steve Brocchini (CA)
    3.   Lanny S. & Susan Rominger (NM)
    4.   Larry & Emily Lewis (MI)
    5.   Jim Travis (AZ) "In Memory of Jody Travis"

    Gold- $25,000
    1.   Darryl Williams & Cassie Shafer (CA)
    2.  Dr. Brian & Karen Tallerico (WY)

    Silver - $10,000
    1.   Gray & Kelli Thornton (WY)
    2.   Ryan & Tiffany Foutz (UT)
    3.   Brett & Micki Jefferson (NV)
    4.   Leif & Kellie Olsen (BC)
    5.   Allen & Michelle Findley (TX)
    6.   Daniel Hinz (WY)
    7.   Drs. Glen & Caroline Pyne (CA)
    8.   Richard J. Pierce (CA)
    9.   Eldon "Buck" Buckner (OR)
    10.  Doc Thurston, III (NC)
    11.  Rich & Frances Papapietro (CA)
    12.  Jim & Shaina Warner (ID)
    13.  Craig & Laureen Nakamoto (IA)
    14.  Allan Reishus (CO)
    15.  Breck & Holli Johnson (CO)
    16.  Robert & Arlene Hansen (WY)
    17.  Jim & Paula Wilson (PA)
    18.  Larry Diehl (VA)
    19.  Cole & Elaine Benton (WY)

    Bronze - $5,000
    1.   Thomas Grimes (MT)
    2.  Glen & Ann Kennedy (TX)

    Copper - $2,500
    1.   Dallas Straight (PA)
    2.  Beau Williams (WY)
    3.  Tom & Leanne Fischer (ID)
    4.  Wayne & Diane Henderson (SD)
    5.  G. Latham Myers, II (WV)
    6.  Ben Lamb (MT)
    7.  Mychal & Melissa Murray (TX)
    8.  Chuck Middleton (VT)

  • Chadwick Ram Society Intent Form

    Click the link above to download the CRS intent form.pdf

  • Chadwick Ram Society Levels